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When people hear about FFA they think its just about showing livestock and farming, but FFA had a much deeper meaning. Most people don't understand FFA is about leadership and building relationships with not only from people in your chapter, but also forming networks throughout the United States. Most people ask: Can you live in the city and still be involved in FFA? Well, the answer is yes, of course. Anybody can be a part of this organization.

The first Sand Springs FFA advisor was a man named Bob Fisher. Sand Springs FFA has about 200 members. Sand Springs FFA members are involved in a number of activities such as public speaking, creed speaking, cattle grading, and showing livestock, such as sheep, pigs, and cattle. Also judging meat, livestock, and dairy cattle. Members have a chance to go to different camps and conventions annually. Sand Springs has – state degrees and – numbers of proficiency awards.

The Sand Springs chapter has done many fun activities over the years. One major activity that we do is hold an annual banquet where awards are given and upcoming officers are elected. This banquet is held at the end of each school year in the Charles Page auditorium. Also every second Tuesday of each month, we hold chapter meetings. At the meetings, the chapter officers talk about the upcoming events of that month and the requirements to be able to participate.

As you can see, our chapter is involved in many activities this great organization has to offer. We have grown throughout the years and we still continue to grow as a chapter. Not only do we believe in the future of agriculture, but we strive to make our chapter’s future brighter each and every day. We truly are learning to do, doing to lean, earning to live, and living to serve.

2020- 2021 Chapter Officers

President - Reece David

Vice President - Reagan Conrad

Secretary - Collin Young

Reporter - Lindsey Davis

Treasurer - Emri Sartin

Sentinel - Trent Wade

2nd Secretary- Caityn Roulet

2nd Reporter- Shelton Keeler

2020 - 2021 Booster Club Officers

President - Mitch Wade

Vice President - Jamie Conrad

Treasurer - Carrie Webster

Committee Chairs

Farm -

Community Service -

Fundraising -

Sand Springs FFA Student Handbook